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Jul 14 – 15, 2018

2018 Texas Senior Championship

San Antonio, TX

Comfort Inn & Suites, 8640 Crownhill Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78209.
The main event is open to players over 50 years of age.
There are side events open to all players. 

Main Event: 5SS, G/90+5 (meaning 5 second increment).

PRIZES: Prize fund is $500 based on 24 entries in the main event, 2/3 guaranteed.

  • 1st $200
  • 2nd $100
  • U1800 $100
  • U1400 $100
Championship Trophy will be awarded to the top Texas resident. 

EF: $40 if received by June 30, $45 if received by July 13, $50 on site. 


  • Saturday 9am, 1pm, 6pm
  • Sunday 9am, 1pm
Half point byes available any 1 round upon request before round 2. 


Saturday Side Event:

8 man sections, top 8 players in top section, then the next 8 in the next section, etc. 3SS, G/90+5

EF: $30 before July 13, $35 onsite. 
PRIZES: $100, $60 in each section.

RDS.: 9am, and then each round is 30 minutes after completion of all games in the section.

No byes are allowed in the side events.



Side Event: 8 man sections. 3SS, G/60+5

EF: $30 before July 13, $35 onsite.

PRIZES: $100, $60 in each section. 

RDS.: 9am, and then each round is 30 minutes after completion of all games in the section.

No byes are allowed in the side events.

The bottom section may have as many as 10 players and as few as 6 players. 

ALL: Registration for all events:

Mail check or money order to J. P. Hyltin, 9311 Autumn Sun, San Antonio, TX 78254.

Onsite registration opens at 8am.
Sunday side event onsite registration opens at 8am. 
HR: $114, reserve by 7/1 and mention chess. 
Contact J. P. Hyltin at jphyltin@yahoo.com for tournament information.
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