Welcome to the San Antonio Chess Club

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We meet Thursday evenings 6-10 p.m. (except holidays) at the Lions Field Recreation Center, 2809 Broadway near Mulberry – see map (phone: 210-826-9041). This is a City of San Antonio facility and all visitors, including minors, are welcome. Please bring chess sets, boards, and clocks if you have them – they are not provided at site. Every week: casual skittles, blitz tourney begins at 8 p.m.

Upcoming Events

The San Antonio Chess Club (SACC) will hold its annual City Championship in June 2017.

It will be a 5-Round Swiss at Methodist Hospital, in the Hornbeak building on the 3rd Floor (located at 4450 Medical Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78229).

Time Control will be G/90, d5 for the first two rounds, and G/120, d5 for rounds three, four, and five.

Round 1 will take place on Saturday, June 26, 2017 at 10:00 AM.

Players will need to have a valid USCF ID to register.

Entry fee will be $50.00 per player if received by June 22, and $55.00 later and at site. There will be an option to play for 1/2 prizes ($25 by 6/22, $30 later and at site). There is the traditional $5 discount for club members who pay full entry.

$1975 in prizes available based on 60 entries, 2/3 guaranteed

Open Section

  • $350 1st
  • $200 2nd
  • $125 3rd
  • $125 1st U2000
  • $75 2nd U2000

Reserve (U1800/Unrated)

  • $250 1st
  • $150 2nd
  • $100 3rd
  • $100 1st U1600
  • $75 2nd U1600

Novice (U1400/Unrated)

  • $150 1st
  • $100 2nd
  • $100 1st U1200
  • $75 1st Unrated

(Unrated players cannot win more than $100 in U1800 and in U1400 sections)

Pay online using PayPal. Click on “Send”, then enter our club’s email address (sanantoniochessclub@gmail.com) and your appropriate entry fee in “Amount”. Then click Continue followed by choosing “Friends or Family” (to bypass PayPal fees). Please include a note with participant’s name and USCF ID, rating, and mailing address should we have to mail you a prize.

You may also register at our Tournament Director’s website

For more information, please contact Louis Rimpel by phone at 210-384-4797, or send an email to louisrimpel2@gmail.com.


Monthly Tournament

The San Antonio Chess Club, aided by our good friends at the Methodist Hospital of San Antonio, holds a monthly chess tournament.

Every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm, one round of the chess tournament is played.

Each weekly game is G/60+30 (Historically, we did G/90 d5, but we are trying a new time control this month!)

This is a USCF rated event, so USCF membership is required. Rounds start at 6:30 p.m. sharp!

Entry is $12.50 per player, with 80% returned as prizes, out of which:

  • 36% 1st
  • 24% 2nd overall
  • 24% 1st lower half
  • 16% 2nd lower half

A new tournament starts the first Wed. of each month; please register before 5:00 p.m.!

You can register in person or preregister online here.

Rounds are played at the Methodist Hospital Hornbeak Building, 3rd Floor, 4450 Medical Drive (map ).



For more information about upcoming events, or if you have general questions about participation or involvement, contact Louis Rimpel  at 210-384-4797 or by email at louisrimpel2@gmail.com.


Founded in 1888 at the historic Menger Hotel near the Alamo, the San Antonio Chess Club is the oldest chess club in Texas.