Welcome to the San Antonio Chess Club

Thanks for stopping by the San Antonio Chess Club web site. Founded in 1888 at the historic Menger Hotel near the Alamo, the San Antonio Chess Club is the oldest chess club in Texas.

We meet Thursday evenings 6-10 p.m. (except holidays) at the Lions Field Recreation Center, 2809 Broadway near Mulberry - see map (phone: 826-9041). This is a City of San Antonio facility and visitors, including minors are welcome. Please bring chess sets, boards & clocks if you have them - they are not provided at site. Every week: casual skittles, blitz tourney begins 8 p.m. We also organize several weekend tournaments at other locations; see future events.

Membership/Newsletter: Club members receive a newsletter that covers local chess news, upcoming tournaments and games by local players. Membership is $10 per year ($5 junior, family $15, and life $200). See one of our recent newletters here.

Join SACC on Facebook - New Group

San Antonio Chess Club is on Facebook now - if you have a facebook account - join us here to get latest updates about the club acivities including upcoming tournaments.

San Antonio Turkey Shoot

Saturday and Sunday, November 29th-30th

Turkey Shoot logo
  • Hornbeak Bldg., 3rd Flr, 4450 Medical Dr., 78229
  • 5SS
  • Time controls - Rd. 1 and 2: G/90, d5; Rds. 3-5 40/2 SD/1 d5
  • Prizes $1375 based on 40 players
  • Two sections with multiple prizes
  • Open Section: $300 1st, $150 2nd, U2200 $125, U2000 $125
  • Reserve Section (Under 1800): $200 1st; $125 2nd; U1700 $125; U1500, U1300/unrated each $75
  • Entry Fee: $45 if received by 11/26, $50 on site ($40 for SACC members if received by 11/26). Option play for 1/2 prizes: $23. by 11/26, $28 at the door.
  • Jr U19 entry $23 if received by 11/26 or $28 on site.
  • Pay online using PayPal. Click on "Send", then enter our club's email address (sanantoniochessclub@gmail.com) and your appropriate entry fee in "Amount". Then click Continue followed by choosing "Friends or Family" (to bypass PayPal fees).
  • Option play and Jr U19 entry count 2/3 toward "based on".
  • Registration: Saturday, 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM
  • Rounds: 10-1:30-5; 9-3; Half point by any 1 Rd before Rd 2 is paired
  • Swap and shop used books, equip, 8:30-9:30
  • Entries: SACC, PO BOX 690576, San Antonio, TX 78269-0576, contact info: Web: sanantoniochess.com, Ph: 210-384-4997, E-mail: lhrlouis@yahoo.com
  • For more information, please

San Antonio Families #5

Saturday, December 6th
  • Weston Center, Geekdom Event Center (11th floor), 112 E Pecan St, San Antonio, TX 78205
  • 3 SS
  • G/60, 30-second increment
  • Entry fee: $20 with self-serve online registration and payment received by Thursday prior - otherwise $25 for premium personalized service on site.
  • Refunds: no refunds can be requested after midnight on the Wednesday prior.
  • Limited to the first 64 players to register.
  • Sections will be formed by dividing the player pool by USCF rating with 8 players per section, except for bottom section which has up to 15 players.
  • Prizes: $60 for 1st, $30 for 2nd for all sections. Top section has double prizes ($120 for 1st, $60 for 2nd) based on 30 entries. Second section will also double if there are 60 entries.
  • Top family prizes: $60 first, $30 second based on 45 players - prizes determined by adding the best scores across sections of any two related participants in the same family.
  • Bottom section prizes: add 3rd prize of $30 at 11 players and 4th prize of $30 at 14 players.
  • Pairing team blocks may be honored at director's discretion, but score group takes priority (variation 28N3 for all score groups).
  • No 1/2 point byes due to the small sections and small number of rounds. Zero-point byes are allowed.
  • Registration - 8:15 am to 8:45 am. You may also register online.
  • Round 1 starts at 9 am. Rounds 2 and 3 may start early if all games are completed early.
  • Players with games longer than 3 hours may be given up to a 20-minute rest and recovery time before the next round at TD discretion.
  • Some round 3 games may go as late as 6:30 pm. You do not have to be present after round 3 to claim your prize.
  • Free fountain drinks are available, but plan to provide your own lunch and snacks. There are several restaurants within walking distance.

We are on twitter now!!!

SACC is on twitter now - follow SAChessClub to get all the updates and tournament announcements on your twitter account/phone. You are welcome to tweet your suggestions about SACC activities too.

Chess at San Pedro Library

If you are looking to play chess in San Antonio, there is a new addition:
A group of chessplayers meets at the San Pedro Library across from San Antonio College every Tuesday at 6:00pm. This is a good place to meet for chessplayers that live or work close to downtown. The man in charge for this event is Librarian Monty. Monty's phone number at the Library is 210-733-1454.

Book Sale

Used books in excellent/very good condition on sale. Click here for a full listing and contact details.

More bang for your buck (and more bucks for your stuff-literally!!)

Now, San Antonio Chess Club members can utilize the website for posting their "sell"(or "buy") ads for new or used chess material - boards, chess sets, books, CD/DVDs etc etc. This would ensure that while you get a wider audience and good price for your stuff, it would also provide more opportunities for you to explore options for good deals - maybe getting that wooden chess set you were planning to buy for long.
Follow the four easy steps to do this:
 1. Think of a title for your ad (Example - For sale: Analysis wooden chess set for $20)
2. Provide description of the stuff (age, condition, size, author etc.) - the more the better. And of course include your contact information (how, when, where)
3. Snap some pictures (optional but recommended) - ensure that it is clear enough if not of very high quality
4. Drop a mail with the above to sanantoniochessclub@gmail.com

This service is manual right now-and only for SACC members. Non-members can not post the ads right now- though anybody can access the ads.As it is experimental right now, further development would depend upon the response.

***You can access the current ads here.***

Calendar updates and local tournaments....

If you want to organize a local chess tournament, and want this site to post about the same, please send us a mail at linkedlist@gmail.com . Here are some tips:
1. Please check the upcoming events calendar to see if the proposed tournament dates clash with any existing ones-it could be important for the number of participants.
2. Post/mail us well in advance so that interested players could plan for the same.
3. Give as much details as possible-while having a mail contact ID is good, most of the players tend to check the site for details.
4. Do include a clear route/directions section, if the intended location is a public place (like which section/floor/room etc.)